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Recurring Giving

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Movies, music, the gym—your monthly subscriptions are small, but are entertaining and important. They make you happy and keep you healthy. What if one of those small subscriptions could help the students of Holy Cross Preparatory Academy?

It certainly can.

Donate monthly to empower our students toward a brighter tomorrow. It can be small donation, or not so small. But it’s a smart, meaningful investment. And know your charitable giving is in place for the entire year to come - or more. You can relax in December knowing your tax-deductible giving plan is already in place.

This could be your most important monthly subscription.

Make a difference every day with a monthly gift, and join so many Holy Cross supporters who committed for the long run.



Recurring Giving can only be made via credit card. All information you provide to our online portal is completely secure. 


Please follow these steps:

  • Go the Donate To Holy Cross Prep web page.

  • Click on the "Donate To Holy Cross Prep" icon. This will open our online portal.

  • Scroll down to the "Recurring Donations" options ($10, $25, $100), or you may choose an amount.

  • You will have options to set the day of the month and how many months you would to continue the recurring gift. You will also have the option to continue indefintely, and decide later when to end.

  • Be sure to place a check in the box for "Make This A Recurring Donation".

  • Complete the personal and payment information.

For information about recurring giving, please contact:

John Langan
Director of Institutional Advancement
856-461-5400 Ext 3006

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