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An Investment in Your Child's Future

Tuition spent at HCPA is an investment in your child's future. Through scholarship programs and college credits earned, our commitment is to help your family make college education more affordable as a result of the investment you have chosen to make in their high school years.

2024-25 Tuition:

*Guaranteed to stay the same for all four years

Additional Fees:

  1. $100 Laptop Warranty (one-time payment during your first year at HCPA)

  2. $300 Activities Fee


Possible Additional Fees Based Upon Grade Level:

  1. $250 Drivers Ed Behind the Wheel

  2. $250 Senior Fee (Cap, Gown, Retreat)


*The cost of books, uniforms, supplies, and trips will vary.  These fees are billed separately from tuition.

Edited Latrell, Ally, & Marian.jpg
Edited Latrell, Ally, & Marian.jpg


Holy Cross Preparatory Academy awards academic scholarships to incoming freshmen based upon their achievement on the HSPT exam.  Those students who qualify will be contacted by our Admissions Office upon reception of scores.  *Students must take the HSPT at Holy Cross to be eligible for scholarship consideration. Academic scholarships include:

  • Founding Board Scholarships - $5,000

  • Principal's Scholarships - $3,000

  • Finsen Family Scholarships - $3,000


Once a student applies, they will be able to submit a scholarship essay via the same SchoolAdmin Parent Portal account where they submitted their initial application. Submission of the essay, along with a complete admissions application, allows them to be considered for various other scholarships offered via the generosity of our Lancer alumni. Such scholarships include, but are not limited to:

  • Thomas J. Reilly III Memorial Scholarships - $3,000

  • Sister Joan Companick Scholarship - $2,000

  • Lancer Promise Scholarships - $1,250

  • OLGC-HCPA Legacy Scholarships - $1,000

Completed applicants can submit their scholarship essays here.

Financial Aid

Holy Cross Preparatory Academy is pleased to offer needs-based grants to incoming students.  Holy Cross utilizes FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to analyze financial need. Students wishing to receive needs-based aid must create a FACTS account and submit an application for financial aid.

Complete applications and FACTS information must be submitted by Friday, January 12th, 2024 to be eligible for the initial round of Financial Aid offerings for the 2024-2025 academic year.  Applications submitted after this date will still be considered based upon remaining available funds.  Financial Aid awards are granted on a yearly basis and must be reapplied for each year.

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Tuition Credit Programs

HCPA offers a variety of tuition credit programs, including:

  1. Partners in Faith - $500 grant for all students matriculating from a Catholic elementary school

  2. Referral Program - $500 tuition credit for families who refer another student to HCPA (please below for details)

  3. Lancer Loyalty - Tuition grant for families with multiple students enrolled in HCPA at the same time

    • 1st Student = Full Tuition

    • 2nd Student = $500 grant applied toward his/her tuition

    • 3rd+ Student = $1,000 grant applied toward his/her tuition.

    • Grants will only be applied during years when multiple students from the same family are enrolled

  4. RaiseRight - Earn tuition credits via the RaiseRight program by purchasing gift cards. Program is run by HCPA parents. Click here for more information.


When a new student applies to Holy Cross Preparatory Academy, they should note the name of the referring Lancer family on their application in the notes section and mention the referral program.


When a prospective student enrolls at HCPA, the referring family will receive a $500 tuition credit (credit will be applied after October 1, so long as referred student is still enrolled).

*A single family may receive referral credit for a maximum of two student enrollments. Referred student must be actively enrolled through the first 30 days of the school year before referral credit will be applied to the referring family's tuition.

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