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Explore Your Talents

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Visual Arts

Holy Cross offers an extensive Visual Arts curriculum, giving students the opportunity to explore their talents and creativity in an academic setting. Classes begin at the survey level, gradually becoming more advanced as the curriculum progresses.

Studio Art I, II, III, IV & Honors

Graphic Design I & II


Performing Arts

Holy Cross offers Dance I, II, III, and IV within our Performing Arts curriculum. The Dance curriculum begins with a survey course to introduce students to a variety of styles of dance. As students progress through the different courses, they get more deeply involved with other aspects of dance, including choreography and production.

In addition to the academic courses, we have a student theater group, Lancer Players, and a student dance team. Our student theater group has been putting on incredible productions for years in our 1200-seat auditorium. The students annually perform a Fall Play and Spring Musical. We also welcome the participation of local middle school students, who are invited to be part of the ensemble cast of our Spring Musical each year.

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