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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - November 15, 2023

Holy Cross Preparatory Academy Receives Anonymous $1 Million Gift

Holy Cross Preparatory Academy (HCPA) is excited to announce a significant milestone in its history. The school recently received a generous anonymous donation of $1 million, marking a pivotal moment in the institution's ongoing evolution.


The anonymous benefactors have dedicated themselves to the betterment of HCPA and Catholic education. Their $1 million gift is the largest single donation in the school's history and will profoundly impact the continued upward trajectory of the institution.


Alex Pracher, President of Holy Cross Preparatory Academy, expressed his gratitude, saying, "This incredible gift represents a turning point for our institution. It launches us years into the future and brings us closer to ensuring the longevity of Holy Cross Preparatory Academy."


The donors, who wish to remain unidentified, exemplify the spirit of philanthropy and community support. Their contribution will empower Holy Cross Preparatory Academy to further its mission of providing a high-quality, faith-based education to students in its community for years to come. To inspire collective support for this noble cause, the benefactors challenge the wider HCPA community to match their $1 million gift. 


As it enters its annual year-end fundraising campaign, Holy Cross Preparatory Academy extends an open invitation to the community, alumni, families, and supporters to join us in celebrating this extraordinary gift by contributing to the matching campaign. The combined efforts of our dedicated supporters will not only double the impact of this incredible donation but also ensure the sustainable growth and development of the school.

For more information about supporting Holy Cross Prep Academy, please contact John Langan, Director of Institutional Advancement, at (856) 461-5400 Ext 3006.

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