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Holy Cross Preparatory Academy Announces Organizational Enhancements

Holy Cross Preparatory Academy and its Board of Trustees are pleased to announce major enhancements to its organizational structure. This is the product of four years of responsible and sustainable enrollment growth, which is expected to be capped off by the largest incoming freshman class in HCPA history to start the 2022-23 school year. HCPA will move to a President-Principal model in order to prepare for this increase and continue to emphasize long-term sustainability. This evolution was initially intended to occur at the conclusion of year five as an independent school but has been accelerated in response to the overwhelming success of the past four years.


The President-Principal model is a form of governance that allows for more precise sharing of responsibilities within the HCPA administrative team. This model is the most widely-used system among successful Catholic secondary schools throughout the country. Research completed by the HCPA administration and the Board of Trustees determined the President-Principal model to be appropriate for the continued advancement of HCPA through enrollment, academics and co-curricular activities for students and their families.


Effective immediately, Mr. Alex Pracher will assume the role of President. As President, Mr. Pracher will become a member of the board and serve as the chief executive tasked with setting the culture and financial outlook of the organization. Integral to this role will be the responsibility to collaborate with the board on the further development and implementation of the organization's strategic vision. HCPA has grown in enrollment each of the four years since becoming an independent school. This next phase will be marked by an accelerated growth curve that will lay the foundation for the long-term stability of HCPA.


Starting in the 2022-23 school year, the Dean of Students position will also be created to oversee all co-curricular activities and student conduct. This role is essential to provide the necessary support for our growing student population. In collaboration with the Board of Trustees and administration, Mrs. Alice Penza has decided to assume the role of Dean of Students. Mrs. Penza’s decades of experience in student life will provide a boost to HCPA in a time of significant growth.


Finally, Mr. David Moffa will assume the role of Principal effective July 1, 2022. In his roles as Director of Admissions and Assistant Principal, Mr. Moffa has been an integral part of the successful transition to a thriving independent school. In 2021, Mr. Moffa took on the role of lead facilitator among our administrative team to guide HCPA to re-accreditation. Mr. Moffa will serve as the chief academic officer tasked with the oversight and expansion of all academic programming at HCPA. 


These are just some of the exciting changes going on at HCPA. For more detailed information about the enhancements to the school’s structure, personnel, and offerings, visit the special landing page by clicking the button below.

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