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Press Release

Holy Cross Preparatory Academy Appoints  New Admissions Director

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Holy Cross Preparatory Academy announces the appointment of Ms. Darian D'Alfonso as the new Director of Admissions

Holy Cross Preparatory Academy and its Board of Trustees are pleased to announce the appointment of a new addition to the admimistrative team. Ms. Darian D'Alfonso will assume the role of Director of Admissions, effective July 1st.


Ms. D’Alfonso has accumulated significant experience working with Mr. David Moffa in the Admissions Office over the past four years, during which time she has represented our school as a speaker at local high school fairs, assisted in the planning of Open Houses, and acted as an ambassador of HCPA at various prospective student events. As she assumes her new role, Mr. Moffa will continue to provide mentorship to Ms. D’Alfonso from his position as Principal, and that  smooth transition will provide Holy Cross Prep with a platform for continued success.


Ms. D’Alfonso brings a strong understanding of the efforts that have gotten us to where we are today, while also offering a fresh perspective on the office.

Please join the faculty and staff at Holy Cross Prep in congratulating Ms. D'Alfonso on her appointment to this important new role.

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