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Donate To Fund Scholarships

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Scholarships are financial aid awards designed to help student families pay for tuition. Donors can fund a scholarship for four years (a set amount for each year), with awarded students required to qualify and maintain academic levels throughout their time at Holy Cross Prep.

Each year, Holy Cross Prep awards various scholarships to current and incoming students. These scholarships are funded in a variety of ways... such as events, grants, and donations from alumni, foundations and businesses.

Some scholarships have been established in memory of a graduate, family member, or Holy Cross faculty and staff members.

The following scholarships are currently being offered to Holy Cross students, and have been funded by the Lancer community.

Anyone can contribute to these scholarship funds.

Click on the link for scholarship details, and how to donate.


Angel Donor Program

Coach Frank Paris Scholarship


Father Vic Butler Memorial Scholarship


Shawn Kane Memorial Scholarship


Joseph P. McDonough Scholarship


Thomas J. Reilly III Memorial Scholarship


Señor Jesús “Joe” Urtasun Scholarship

For information about donating to fund scholarships, please contact:

John Langan
Director of Institutional Advancement
856-461-5400 Ext 3006

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