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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the application process like?

The application process consists of:

  • Complete the application packet.

  • Submit your student’s academic record from the current year or previous academic year. This can be a screenshot of their current grade portal, or an official progress report from the school. 

  • Fill out the referral document within the application packet for a teacher recommendation form. This document is sent directly to the individual writing your child's referral document. 


Are there specific entry requirements or exams?


The High School Placement Test is utilized as a scholarship and placement test, allowing students to qualify for academic scholarships based on their performance. The exam typically takes 3 hours to complete. The administrative fee costs $20 cash or check. Participants may bring a water bottle, snack, something to read in the event that they finish a section of the exam early and may bring their cell phone as long as the cell phone is set on silent and under the participant’s chair. 


What is the Tuition Fee?


Tuition for the 2023-24 academic year is $11,700.


This does not include the $100 laptop warranty and $300 activities fee. 


What is a "Lancer for a Day"? 

The Lancer for a Day program is a day for prospective 8th grade students to shadow a current Lancer during the school day. Prospective students participating in the program arrive at 7:45 am, meet with the Admissions Office, and experience a full academic day with their host. Lunch is provided for the prospective students. 

What is the Lancer Head Start Program?


Through the Lancer Head Start Program, your child will be the first in their class to enroll in early admissions to HCPA. In addition, you will be able to lock in the current year tuition rate, saving families a projection of thousands of dollars. Applications for the Class of 2029 Lancer Head Start Program will begin February 1, 2024.

When is the application deadline?

Admissions is rolling. However, to be considered for the first wave of financial aid awards and scholarships, students who have been accepted, participated in the HSPT on HCPA campus, will be considered for the first rounds of awards.


What is the difference between a Dual Credit course and an AP course?


An Advanced Placement (AP) course is a dual credit course, however, not all Dual Credit courses are AP classes. The differences between both of them are below: 


  • An Advanced Placement course is a course where students can potentially earn college credit through a high school course. When a student passes the AP exam that is in the spring (no matter what semester the AP course is taken in) they will obtain the college credit. The teachers who teach AP must receive special high school training. 


  • A Dual Credit course is a course where students earn college credits through a high school course, when a student passes the course. The teachers who teach a dual credit class also serve as adjunct professors from the colleges that they are accredited to (which at HCPA, is Rowan College and Seton Hall University). 


The main difference between the two is for a Dual Credit course, students do not have to take an additional exam, nor score a certain score on their exam, to obtain the college credit. These college credits are transferable to any 2-or 4-year college/university as both our partner schools are accredited institutions.


What are "Asynchronous" Days?

Do students receive a laptop or iPad?

What is "Block" Scheduling? What is the benefit to Block Scheduling?

What is "Flex"?


Student Life

What is the Service Hour requirement for students?

The requirement is 12 service hours per academic year, regardless of what grade the student is in. 


Does your school provide transportation?

Yes, Holy Cross Preparatory Academy has their own buses that provide transportation for students in many surrounding towns. A yearly payment of $1,100 will be added to student tuition for families that decide to opt into transportation provided by the school. With aid-in-lieu from the student's sending public school district, families will receive the funds to cover the transportation costs. There are a few exceptions to receiving this payment, i.e. your school district busses students to HCPA or the student resides in a "walking district."


Where can I find Sports Schedules?

You can find schedules to all HCPA athletic schedules here


Transcript Requests

How do I request official Holy Cross transcripts?


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